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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look for an "authentic" account?

It's very easy. From the main page from the Social Network Pages select the search mask you are interested in, this means users (to the left) if you are looking for an individual VIP or a public personality, or the company area (to the right), if you are interested in business accounts. Then you just need to enter one or more keywords with respect to what you are looking for and the programme will display the results from our database (for instance, if you are searching for "ELIF STUDIO WEB AGENCY" you simply type the keywords "ELIF STUDIO", "web agency" or "Mantua" in the mask dedicated to companies).

What do I have to do to have my verified accounts?

A dedicated page will be created in our database, according to whether you are a normal user or business partner. Inside your page you can enter name, description and links you want to insert, apart from direct links to your official profiles on the most important social networks. For further information simply consul the page Registration Request located on the page in question or consult the page Information on Registration Procedures and Costs.

Which are the social networks where I can enter my accounts?

The list of social networks, where you can insert your "authentic" profile, is rather infinite. And indeed, the project management of Social Network Pages is constantly updated, monitoring the development and tendencies on the web to enable the users to update in real time their personal profile in accordance with the innovations in the social network platform. At the moment, the trendiest structure is certainly Facebook when it comes not only to personal accounts but also to public pages; also Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, apart from YouTube for videos and the photo album Flickr.

Why should a company invest in Social Networks Pages?

Because this portal will ensure the companies a form of brand protection and will allow its customers the ability to ascertain the veracity of corporate channels on the web, thus eliminating all the problems related to the disclosure of false or incorrect information. If you are interested, contact us for more information.

Why choose Social Network Pages for your own protection?

This platform protects and authenticates the information of a public person, making this information available to all their followers and fans. Giving these users the opportunity to properly inquire and follow the social media channels of these people. In this way they will have the opportunity to ascertain the veracity of the company channels on the web, thus protecting all the problems related to the disclosure of false and incorrect information. For more information please contact us.

How can I build loyalty with my customers with Social Networks Pages?

Reward your customers by offering them exclusive promotions and downloadable material directly from this platform. You can use this portal to advertise the various offers that your company offers, through the section dedicated to the downloadable material, you can enter the various information concerning the products and services offered, or discounts and vouchers. All this material can be downloaded for free only by filling out the form that appears once clicked on the desired boxes, in this way you will have access to the e-mail address of the alleged customer. You will thus be able to start establishing a relationship of loyalty with the consumer. contact us for more information.

Why is it the best choice Social Network Pages as a tool to increase business marketing?

If you own a company, a good marketing planning process is a requirement nowadays, Social Network Pages will help you to develop a new project that is in line with this platform. Below some of the services that the portal offers:

If you are interested in increasing your business marketing with Social Network Pages, contact us.

How does Social Networks Pages increase your followers?

Increase your followers and likes for free making your social media easily accessible to any potential customer who wants to receive your information. On the page of your company there will be a small area in the upper right corner dedicated to all external links, in other words the list of your specific social networks. Through which the customers will have a practical and immediate access to the most interesting social networks. In addition, you will have an area dedicated to social widgets so that you can show the latest posts of Facebook, Twitter and Google+. All these small applications together will form an excellent strategy to increase the people that will follow your company. For more information write us here.

How does a company make its products and services known through Social Networks Pages?

Make your products and services known to the world of the web, describing your core business and inserting advertising banners on your page able to attract new potential customers. Through the company information section, you can describe your company as you wish, describing about the products and services offered, how the company was born, how it was developed and its mission. The information that will be found in this area will all be certified and guaranteed by Social Networks Pages and will be inserted only after a strict control. The company can also upload a video presentation and promotion and in the left area of the page you can add the various advertising banners. For more information feel free to contact us here.

How does my brand emerge with this portal?

Increase the popularity of your brand with Social Networks Pages by providing your customers with an exclusive service that can meet their every need and giving you the opportunity to know and follow your brand on the social networks. The exclusive service will be provided through your profile on Social Networks Pages where you can insert downloadable material such as discounts and coupons and where your customers can register to your site. You can make known through this page all the brands that are part of your group and the list of all your social networks. For more information contact us.

How to make a company's information available on Social Networks Pages?

Make your information and advertising material usable to all users. Thanks to the dedicated area on your page on Social Networks Pages you can offer exclusive promotions, discounts or coupons that your company dedicates to customers who use this platform or offer a voucher to those who recommend your site to a friend who then decides to make a purchase. These promotions can be downloaded or used online, by filling in some data, so do not forget to elaborate a stream of emails dedicated to the customers who use them. These are just some of the methods that will allow you to increase your customer portfolio and your profits. Write us for more information.

How do you collect the most interesting customer data with Social Networks Pages?

You can collect the most interesting data of your customers through the material that they will download from your page and use this data for your marketing and commercial activities winning an exclusive competitive advantage. Through Social Networks Pages you will be able to insert various material regarding information about products and promotions so to make your page more interactive. You can create surveys and gather important information to develop new products and new sales lines, to be able to better satisfy their customers. You can also publish content that helps your costumers in the process to purchase products and services. If you want more information contact us.

Why should the user rely on Social Networks Pages to look for a public person or a company?

ELIF STUDIO S.R.L. has created Social Networks Pages in order to guarantee the truthfulness of the accounts and the information contained in it. Often when we want to carry out a search on a known subject or company, we just need to type the name on our device and information will appear. But how many of these are useful or truthful? Relatively few and succeeding in extrapolating them will cost us precious time. This problem will be eliminated with this site because all the pages dedicated to the profiles of people or companies will contain all the links to their official web pages or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. contact us for more information.

How does Social Networks Pages guarantee the authenticity of the profiles inside it?

The profiles of registered users on Social Networks Pages are all authenticated by ELIF STUDIO S.R.L. and can only be entered into the platform by the latter. Before proceeding to open a profile on this portal, companies and public figures must register on Social Networks Pages and contact the agency. After a preliminary consultation to determine the design lines of the work, a relationship will be established between the two parties through certified e-mail (PEC), which has the same legal value as a registered letter. Then, thanks to a contract with the client, he will be certified and then published his profile on the platform.