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What is it for?

What is the purpose of the portal, Social Networks Pages?
The website Social Networks Pages has two purposes: the first is aimed to the people who use it as a search engine, while the second is aimed at customers who use it as a guarantee of their profile. Within this portal we can find the various profiles of people and companies that have turned to ELIF STUDIO S.r.l. for the protection of their brand and the protection of their profile. The people who use it, with the help of simple keywords or tags, will be able to find inside companies and public figures certified by ELIF, in short, the profiles and information that you can find within the portal are all authentic. In this portal you can find real profiles of people, companies and its authorized dealers, public administrations and public figures. All profiles will be updated continuously reporting the latest news concerning them in real time.

What advantages does the user receive from using this website?

The user who uses this platform is guaranteed to find inside only certified and guaranteed profiles, which means that nobody can register their personal or company profile in the portal if not ELIF S.r.l. itself. ELIF has created this portal with the purpose of ensuring the truthfulness of the accounts and the information contained in it, thanks to this the user can browse and read all the information he wants without fear that they are fake. The pages on this portal can also connect to the main websites of companies and agencies, so the user can purchase the products without worrying that they are counterfeit or that the retailer is not a serious person.

What are the advantages of companies and public figures after registering on Social Networks Pages?

If you are a company or a public figure through this site you can protect your brand and make it known, present your official channels, protect your customers and authenticate your information. But you can also use this portal to improve your business and your profile through these simple actions: