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How to use it?

Some basic information on how to find a profile on Social Networks Pages?
Once you have determined the goal of your research, which may be a public figure, a company, or even a product, you can search for it through one or more keywords; through these words the required profile or category will appear. It will therefore be sufficient for general references (name, activities, etc. ...) to get to see the page dedicated to the single public figure or company, on that page in addition to their presentation you will find all the links to their various social profiles.

How to look for a person?

Insert in the search box the keywords that identify the person you want to look for as a first or last name, but also words related to his profession, category, place and more ...
VIPs and public people nowadays are popular on the web especially through the various social networks, but they are more and more fake profile accounts created by fans looking for likes. So how do you make sure that a Twitter account or a Facebook profile are the official ones? With Social Networks Pages, this problem is eliminated because only verified accounts are placed in the portal. If you want to be sure that a Facebook account, Twitter or all the various Social Network is really the real one, look it in our database!

How to look for a company?

Insert in the search box the keywords that identify the company you want to look for as the name of the company, the place, the category of membership, the type or variety of products and many more ...

In the current web 2.0 scenario, more and more companies are opening official accounts on the various Social Networks to spread news or official information about their business. For this reason, Social Networks Pages has decided to collect all the data of the various social accounts in a single company reference page. This page contains all the information certified and guaranteed by the same companies, which in this way allow their users to be able to reach them safely through a simple and intuitive tool. This will help you when you magically find discounts of 80% on the web of certain companies that usually do not make discounts, you can immediately check it out on Social Networks Pages if the news is truthful or not.